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Avernum EftP Very Unhappy (spoilers)

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Endgame spoiler so leave now if you haven’t played it!   I went into the Spire with 4 brooches not realizing I was on a suicide mission.  My “reserve save” back in the caves got taken out by a damn auto save so I have no way of restoring a pre-spire save to get the 5th brooch.  I’m on an iPad.  So the game is over for me.  I don’t suppose there is an inventory hack option???  I’m very unhappy.  I have 4 characters and figured I wouldn’t need the damn 5th brooch!  Ugh.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was fortunate that I had a save from prior to going into Spire, though I actually just restarted the game entirely after 2-3 years of letting it sit (and beating Crystal Souls). I'd suggest doing the same if you don't have a saved game from before going through the portal.

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