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A3: Giants Cavern: stuck on the control panel

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If it's the control panel I'm thinking of... just pay attention to which words appear from which button.  a certain button will always change the same exact word or set of words as it did the last time you pressed that same button.  Go around the circle, pressing each button on and off, and think about which words are controlled,  write it down if you need to.  It's most helpful with starting from a blank slate.  Apologies if I'm thinking of the wrong control panel, there's a few in the game.

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Hehe, I was trying to answer without giving away the actual spoiler/solution.  I'm glad you got past the hurdle.  I don't think the puzzles are lame at all, but I can think of one that takes long enough to feel "annoying"... then again there's a real satisfaction out of completing it, too.

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