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A3: For my sanity's sake - How's the time crunch?

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When I play open world games, I love mucking around, trying to poke into harder areas early, exploring every corner of the map, checking back to see if I can pick that lock yet, etc. etc. etc.  I'm not a crazy min-maxer when it comes to stats, but I AM the loon that picked up every single piece of paper in G5.


So what I need to know is - how likely am I to run my clock down/get a lot of negative effects?  I'm so stressed about it right now that I save when I go into a town, I'll save, do my wandering, then reload, and re-do only the bits that were fruitful.  It's not as much fun as I'd like!! Haha.  I'm also changing my behaviour with dungeons.  Normally, I'd try to be methodical to make sure I find all the sneaky switches/item boxes - I clear a whole floor, then head to town to heal before heading down the trap doors/upstairs, etc.  Now I won't go back until my magic users are completely out of energy, even if I've had to stop in the middle of a hallway/crossroads or somewhere equally unsatisfying.    Somebody please tell me how necessary this kind of stuff is before I drive myself insane! Haha.


(If it matters, I'm playing on hard - my spiderweb experience makes up for my lack of general RPG savvy)


PS Are Levy's 25 coins worth popping by Emergence in the first area?  I imagine the second is no for sure.

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There isn't a time crunch because as you go up in levels, you go through the game faster with more health and spell energy. You might even need to slow down at the end to see the event after day 160.


Levy's coins and gathering all those minor junk items add up in the beginning. You don't really see money until after getting to Lorelei and Gale area.

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I finished my Torment playthrough, with pretty much everything done, in 46 days. That being said, I did try my hardest to get everything done as efficiently as possible, since I am rather obsessive about not letting anything bad (but preventable) happen to Valorim.


In the end, it was honestly not worth the effort at all. Apart from the slime plague, which starts affecting cities relatively quickly, I was mostly way ahead of "schedule". On the negative side, I had to hold spacebar for over an hour just to wait long enough for the day 160 event to occur. :sleep:

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I made a beeline for the monster plagues... I just stopped the Golem Plague and I'm on Day 27.  I enjoy seriously taking my time and exploring every nook and cranny of the game... so now I'm going to head back to Fort Emergence and start doing that.  I don't need to beat the Alien Beasts on a time limit, right?  I feel like I should be good to dawdle as I please now.

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