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Troglo/Giant Quests

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Two questions regarding the Troglo and Giant Quests:-


Troglo Quest

So I got the message from Mayor Knight to parlay with the Troglo King. 

When I was in the throne room, I felt like going walkabout, and the troglos didn't like this and attacked me. 

So, there is a dead king and I am told peace with the troglos is unlikely. 

Found the evil priest and slayed that troglo too. 

Return to Sharimik, but Mayor Knight keeps asking me for proof for talking to the King. 

Obviously, I can't provide proof. I return to Troglo Castle in hope that King may have somehow resurrected, but nothing going. 

So, it seems that quest is closed, unless reload from earlier saves? 


Giant Quest

Moving on to the Giant Quest, it seems because Troglo Quest is incomplete, I can't get Giant Quest from Dervish Bruskrud in Lorelei.

This is despite having rescued all his imprisoned-by-the-giants soldiers and their personal possessions.

So, it seems that this quest is also closed?

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Troglo Quest - You need to kill the priest first to get when you return upstairs a scroll for Mayor Knight. Then whack the Troglo King.


Giant Quest - That's the problem with a heavily scripted game. You can't get the next step until you finish the previous one.


If you really want the rewards and to follow the quest script, the reload an earlier save.

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Spoilers ahead...


For the record:-

  1. This thread refers to A3.
  2. Despite not being able to deal with Mayor Knight, I have found today that I am still able to access the SE temple of Grindstone Cavern. This was with help from this thread. This gave me the map to the Concelaed Tunnel. I could then open the tunnel between the Troglos and Giants, which may help in the Ending. So, although the quests seem closed from the mayors or diplomatic route, the end result (troglo-giant war restarted) may still be attained. 
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Yeah - the Troglo/Giant quests aren't actually mandatory. Doing them won't actually help resolve EITHER plague, and the actions that DO (finding the Concealed Tunnel and destroying the Crystal there)  are entirely independent of both. Probably why the scripting isn't more robust around there - you're allowed to mess up the Troglo Diplomacy, with permanent consequences, because it actually won't affect your ability to complete the game.

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