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Question about Erika in Avernum 3 **SPOILERS**

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So, I chose to accept her boon in the beginning of the game, and that made the poor girl suffer a most horrible death. Would she appear in the final battle even if I refused her help? I feel a bit guilty about the situation. And if she doesn't appear, how does that change the events?


Speaking of possible changes, what happens if I go through the endgame without the secret weapon against the Vahnatai? I think I skipped a boss battle because of it, which was a bit anti-climatic. I was also surprised that the last boss was just a matter of walking towards a panel and clicking 3 buttons. 

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I believe


it's possible to not have her die, but the canon in the sequels is that she did.  I have not finished A3RW yet but when I finished A3 (2002 version), if you didn't take the amulet she doesn't show up; if you did take the amulet, you can still avoid her death if you're careful with the control panel in the final encounter.


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