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Got a coupon for Avernum 3 on steam


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When I logged into steam this morning it told me I had a new item in my inventory. Turned out to be a 20% discount for Avernum 3. Anyone want it? I've tried Avernum 5 and 6, and I just don't get on with the series. 


Also, I hope this doesn't mean sales are turning out to be disappointing for Jeff. Discounts this early in a game's life generally aren't a good sign. 

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I got one on day one and assumed it was because I had other Spiderweb games in my library. Previously Spidweb offered a discount if you had owned a previous version of the game - this might just be another way of doing that. 


Anyway, I read somewhere that Avernum 3 is doing pretty well, and will fund the next game. :)

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