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Stuck in Remote Cave puzzle

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I'm stuck at the 'pathfinding' puzzle too... what do you mean 'orientation'? There's only one place where you can START your path, so it's pretty obvious what direction the map's supposed to be read in. Plus, there's a huge triangle inscribed on the floor, there, to match the large triangle on the map. It all seems pretty clear, really, except for the bit where the shown path doesn't work. When I follow it, I trigger an 'acid goo' trap halfway through, and if I finish it... well, nothing happens, at all.

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...ah! I finally figured it out. It wasn't the rotation of the map - that much is painfully obvious since you really aren't given a choice when it comes to where to start. Rather, the layout of the room had tricked me into assuming that every arrow on the map represented TWO steps, since otherwise, the bit where there's just ONE arrow would see you walking into a pillar. Except, as it turns out, the actual path takes you through both of the points where a pillar is mysteriously missing from the regular pattern...


Assumptions are dangerous things.

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Hey guys please help!


In the first puzzle in the Remote Cavern have moved the crate onto the rune but how do I look inside it? If I click on it it just moves off the rune again. Same if I press 'u' then 'a'. If I open inventory it just shows me items on the floor.


Am sure there's a ridiculously obvious answer but can't for the life of me figure it out.

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