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Avernum 3: RW Patch Notes v 1.0.1

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For those who could quite find them (like me)


Version 1.0.1 - February 12, 2018

    • Rewards for killing a creature will now be awarded correctly when you kill it the round you encounter it.
    • The achievement for getting five level 3 mage spells will now award correctly.
    • The Elhioc fight is a bit easier.
    • Ward of Thoughts will work correctly now.
    • The Demo will now always warn you when you try to go to the surface (which is not in the demo).
    • Your mental spells (like Daze and Charm) will now be more effective against high-level enemies.
    • High-level enemies have less resistance to physical attacks.
    • Lizards were taking too much damage in combat.
    • If you go downstairs in the Troglo Temple and can’t kill Elhioc, you can leave the castle and return later.
    • Windows users will now get the Home achievement correctly. If you didn’t get it already, you need to trigger the end cutscene again.
    • A host of tiny fixes and corrected typos.





Happy Hunting!



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