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Dark Thoughts

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Apologies if this has been done to death.  I was unable to find a solution.  Possible spoilers:









1)  Where do I look to find out about the Dread Curse?    Character has dark thoughts, is that the same as the dread curse?



I went to the Tower of Magi to get the curse/ thoughts fixed and the priest there won't fix the curse as it is too much work (or some such)  She sent me to the head anema guy who said no.  Presumably I could join the church and then get the curse cured but I don't want to do that.  I like the mage spells.  So I went to Lorelei to get the fake anema rings but can't get them as i didn't agree (ages ago) to deliver the package for Irvine and now i don't have the ability to find the thieves guild and therefore am unable to buy fake rings as I dont' get the offer from the person in Lorelei.

Any ideas would be great.  Thanks in advance.  I have killed the source of the curse, by the way.

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The only way to get to the Thieves' Guild:


1 - Talk to Mickie in Shayder and buy drinks. First the cheap one and then the more expensive one. Then pay for information about Irvine.


2 - Talk to Irvine in the corner. Tell him Mickie mentions task. Accept offer to deliver package.


3- Get package from storage.


4 - Get into Lorelei with package and see Kendra.

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