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A3:RW bug: multiple missile shot race condition

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Hi! Really enjoying A3:RW so far. I've noticed a bug: for some reason, missile weapon hits sometimes take a while (like, 800ms) to register damage. The hit is registered immediately (I can tell from the sound), but the damage only procs a bit later. This is an incredibly tiny annoyance, except for the fact that you can prevent the damage from registering at all if you fire again quickly - it seems to cancel the damage registration process on the previous shot. This isn't super common, but it's pretty easily reproducible for me with adrenaline rush (or when sniper procs).


Here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8grPWaExNc8&feature=youtu.be

Note that the first shot (on the left guy) hits, but damage is never registered. This is happening with a longbow (I haven' t tested normal bows), on MacOS 10.13 using the Steam release.

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