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A3:RW - where is the vampire by sea? [SOLVED]

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East-southeast of Calloc I met some giants who want me to murder a nearby vampire who "can be found hidden between some mountains and the sea to the west of them".


West of the giants, right next to Calloc, is a grey mountain which contains some Ursagi. Further along, southwest of Calloc, is a brown mountain which contains the Chasm of Screams.


I've traipsed up and down the coastline west of that brown mountain, all the way from the Empire rebels north of Marish, up to the peninsula with the illusory swamp, and beyond to Calloc. And I can't find that poxy vampire anywhere. There appears to be a pass through the mountain but I can't use it because both entrances to the pass are vertical and I can't climb them. And a tiny part of the pass is still blacked out as I haven't been able to view all of it from both entrances. I also can't see any of the usual "hidden passage" patterns on the mountain walls.


http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24078-a3rw-randomizers-massive-list-spoiler/?tab=comments#comment-300622 (spoilers) suggests there should be an "Icy Tunnel" not far from the Chasm of Screams, but I'll be blowed if I can find it.


Am I missing something obvious?

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Used my brane and found the answer
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