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Does a dead character get XP?

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They don't get XP while dead, but the XP they would have received is divided among the rest of the party instead, so overall there isn't any real loss of XP from letting characters die. I mean, if you were always letting the same party member die, they'd eventually fall behind the rest of the party a bit, but outside of extreme cases it's not worth worrying about.

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I'm going to slightly disagree with this. 


The XP they get is NOT split among the rest of the party. (Singleton teams have been shown to get the same XP gain rate as a full party.)


However, when your party contains characters of non-identical levels, the lower leveled people will gain more XP because all XP gains are adjusted by the difference between the character's level and the level of the monster/quest/etc that is awarding the XP. 


So if someone falls behind by 100 XP at level 1 due to being dead, they might only be 10 XP behind by level 20. 


Relatedly, the gain-XP talents are poor investments, because when your level begins to exceed the rest of the party, your XP gains will be similarly penalized by a small amount. 

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