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Enchant Item Portal Fortress

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20 minutes ago, Nevermind said:

Kelnar says pull with and put Item in open box to enchant it. OK, but how to place the item in the box?

Isn't it a large blue chest? Just click on it to open it, and then place something from your inventory (presumably) into it. Maybe close it by clicking on it before pulling the lever.


Also, not sure if the item you place in it needs to be worn or just loose in inventory. Try both ways and let us know.

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Thank you. Can open the box and/or pull the lever, but going to one of my action people covers the area and can't get to the box. The ground shows up, but placing something on the ground doesn't help, either, and the box doesn't show up as a place to put something, open or closed, lever pulled or not. I'm puzzled.

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When you click on the box (opening it up), what normally looks like the ground (as opposed to the junk bag) is actually the interior of the box.  Just drop whatever item you want to enchant down there.  You don't need to close the lid before throwing the switch to enchant whatever.  Once it flashes click on the box once (if you closed it before) or twice (if you left it open) & your newly enchanted item should be right there (it'll say 'blessed' (or something like that) in the item description now.


However if you've been messing around with the switch then you've probably used the blessing on an empty box.  Reload to the save right before you started messing around... you did save before messing around with strange items didn't you?

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