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I'm desperate!

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It's not a game breaker, but you need to do 3 of the 4 plagues to see Empress Prazac.


I forgot there is a second mirror that needs to be moved to send a beam down the center north/south corridor by moving one of the two mirrors next to each other at the north end to reflect a beam into the corridor. 


Then the mirror against the south wall needs to be moved to the northeast into that north/south corridor to send the beam west to the round crystal to power the portal.

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I think I've been able to get the mirror from the far south wall into position to receive a beam and send it to the portal.  But no matter how many times and ways I push that mirror that's in the front the beam never goes anywhere near the mirror I just moved into position.


UPDATE:  I take back what I said about getting a mirror into position to receive a beam.  Doesn't seem to be possible. . . the walls just get in the way


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It is possible.  The easiest way is to use the lasers in the middle section (not the ones that you first encounter when entering the area) to fire down the corridor (towards the bottom of your screen) & then off to the left to power the broken one.


You'll need one mirror angled \ up top to fire it down the corridor & then one angled / to shoot it to the left.  Worst case you can walk into the beam to reposition the mirror.  Yes you'll take damage but if that damage is really hurting/damaging you then you probably won't survive the far end of the tunnel at this point....

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I need more hints/help please.  I cannot picture what this is supposed to look like at all, let alone accomplish it. 


Got it after reading the bit about using the middle mirrors..  It was also much easier after letting 3 of the 4 characters die so only one could push the mirrors. 

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I got this done & I am 63 yrs old ! Keep in mind....

I had   "a few"   beers first.

You WILL get zorched a lot,  just use your priest.

Pushing the mirrors IS fustrating !

There are 2 types of mirrors. They will reflect the beam 90 degrees one way or the other.

I used the beams where you first come in.

IIRC there are 2 mirrors to use there.

I sent the beam BESIDE the mine carts / tracks & it just misses the target. Then you drag one more

& put it beside the target.  Done !


Now I am working on the Golem factory & it MUCH harder. That will take a 12-pack & help from my

squaw.  I guess I am just getting to old for these games.........


good luck



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