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vahnatai crypt megabug help

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There are two pairs of tiles where standing on one opens the way and the other closes it. One pair is north of the place where you enter the southeast section and the other is in the northwest part of the tunnels.


If you have a character still outside that statue, then go trigger the tile.


Otherwise use a save game from before or use the cheat code - hold the Shift and D keys, then enter in the box backtostart, and then use Enter.

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I thought I had a different issue, and that I couldn't escape the quick fire deathtrap. But then I figured out 2 options: (1) trigger it; escape in fight-mode (barely), and re-enter to loot that final room; or, (2) loot all but the final room, trigger it; loot; use Move Mts on the side wall > portal...escape.


Of course, I need to stop worrying about most loot b/c of course I'm not going back to spend it ;-)

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