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Fastest way to advance time to day 160?

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I'm most of the way through the game. I've saved all the towns I care about. I'm pumped up and ready for the Tower of the Magi battle. In the original Avernum 3, this is the point where I would use the editor to jump forward to about day 155 or so.


But it's a hundred days away. Aside from leaving the space bar held down for hours or running up and down the continent like 30 times, is there any faster way of advancing time? Like sleeping in an inn, or some other special encounter that takes up a large amount of time at once and can be repeated?

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Ride on ships.


It actually uses more time than walking between towns does (which is kind of ridiculous).


That said, it would still be pretty slow to pass the time that way.  Maybe you can repeatedly rest in one of those free-rest rooms?


I don't think there's any way to edit this, unfortunately.  It would be a very handy shift-D code, or even an insertable line for the scripts.  But AFAIK all the day-affecting stuff is hardcoded.

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On 2/8/2018 at 8:34 PM, meviin said:

There's a thread in the forums about using CheatEngine to stop the days from advancing.  That same tool could be used to manually advance the day as well.


*cough* If you decide to go that route *cough*


5000 steps = 1 day

5000 x 160 = 800,000


I have not tried advancing my clock (step counter) in actual game play, only stopping it. I figured I'd go back to a previous save after I finish and trying it out so I could do that portion of the game as well. I'm still on "Day 1" and nearly at the end of the game. I'll let you know how it goes. Only issues I could see would be skipping over specific world deterioration scripted days. There are threads with those days listed as well. If it appears to break anything for you, take the days listed multiply them by 5000 subtract 5-10 steps. Then in the game manually take the few steps to advance to the next day. Rinse and repeat with next scripted day event for next world deterioration. If you go that route, good luck, and your mileage may vary.


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By day 160 you may have finished the game. To get the Tower quest to start when it is convenient to you, insert this into beginstate INIT_STATE of the town script of any town you will soon be visiting:

(a) alter the town script, visit the town and then leave
(b) undo the alteration to the script.
(c) you should start to get the disaster messages within hours or days of game time.         
First message should be: "Suddenly, without warning, you feel a vicious mental jolt. As your head clears, you feel that something horrible has happened, but you haven't the slightest idea what."    
This I tested, I found it to work properly.

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