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A3: RW How do you trigger the various events in Hawke's Manse?

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How do you get Marjorie's various scripted events in the Manse to trigger leading up to whatever the A3:RW equivalent of the alien blade is? I've always had trouble getting this to actually do anything, but I'm having more trouble than I did with the original Avernum 3 version.


I've wandered around every corner of the house dozens of items, I've slept in the bed multiple times. I even held down the space bar for over a minute to advance time by a day or two but nothing happened. What am I missing here?

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Wow, nothing happens at all... I tried resting in the house, leaving town and walking around, then coming back, even went off and fulfilled some other quests and then come back... she never says *anything* to us...

Later note:
huh... well, I decided to blow this off entirely, and went wandering north.  At some point, several days after last visit, I completed a quest which drew me back to Lorelei, and while I was here I stopped in at home again... and I got the "final quest" message from the servant... I went into the room of statues, talked to the old man, and got the blade.  *None* of the intermediate steps ever happened.  Apparently that is how this quest plays out in A3RW...

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