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SpiderWeb Glitch III


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The problem (as far as I can understand it), is that when Member 5 (MM), for some reason got corrupt, it created problems for the system. While we may get this message: Member profile corrupt (blank): '00000005' , it won't actually harm us. It may only lock us out for a few hours. (I had that). However, for MM, whose file was the corrupt one (he was member 5), it totally erased. Hopefully whatever caused the corruption isn't contagious (figuratively speaking), and we don't get it as well. I'd hate it if Member profile corrupt (blank): '00004506' suddenly turned up. Anyway, Bad Luck MM, but look at it this way, you've got sympathy from the Board (which is hard to get), and it might even get fixed (someday)!


- Archmagi Micael


P.S. I wonder what SpiderWeb Glitch IV will be?

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