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Reset Character Editor on Win10

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I have run into a problem where I accidentally hit disable character editor in Avernum 3.  The trouble shoot says to delete the avernum3.dat file in the Data folder where the game is installed. Thats fine and good except my game for some reason only has the following files listed in the data folder: ###.bmp (many), Outdoor.dat, OutFight.dat, Town.dat. but no avernum3.dat.  i have searched the entire computer for the avernum3.dat file and found nothing.  Am i missing something?  Is this a problem with just my computer? 

My Computer is Running Windows 10.  But it originally had Windows 8.  i had also migrated over files from an older computer that ran windows xp years ago.  I do not know if any of that affects my situation. 

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I received a reply from The Game Master himself.  Here is where to find the file.
"Yes you are correct, Windows 10 hides it very well, in a different location then where we used to have it. Thanks for pointing this out. I should change the techsupport page on this.
Its in...
C:\Users\WhateverYourUsernameIsInWIn10\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramFiles (x86)\Avernum 3\Data\Avernum3.dat"

Can a Moderator or admin please post this Sticky this post in the Genefore 1-3, Avernum1-3 (Original), & probably Blades of Avernum & Nethergate (Original) & Exile Games. 

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