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Stuck in a Cave (A:EftP)

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Hello everyone, 


since I'm playing Avernum partly with longer interruptions, I've unfortunately forgot the name of the cave.. :blush:


But I think it's far in the north and there is a cave with a friendly dragon nearby (the one who likes his cats). There are two doors left but I can't open them at the moment (there is one skill point missing) and the entrance where I came from is sealed. When I try to open it, there is a special encounter saying: "You randomly pull the levers and turn the wheels. Nothing happens. You're still trapped, and you will stay that way until you can figure out how to operate these confounding controls."


Do I have to restart the game (all of my save games are in this cave) or is there a chance to leave this cave?


Thank you very much in advance! :)

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This sounds like the Ancient Crypt. There is a way out; keep exploring.


If you just want to get out,



go into the room in the middle of the wall to the west. Trust the statue. Once you find the basin, it will give you  an enhancement, Enlightenment (if I remember the name correctly), that helps you solve the exit puzzle.





Oh, and to see where you are, press W to get the World Map; you'll see an icon that shows your location along with indicators for the various places you've found.

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Thank you very much Raptor! :)


When I have some time left, I will continue my search for the exit. Maybe I don't need to reveal your solution, but it's good to know there is a way out.


/Edit: last time I played, I must have been too tired.. :rolleyes:



The enhancements symbol from the basin even is a key.. 


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