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Hexedit for flying status in Exile 3

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While I can say it's almost certainly (mostly) possible, I have no idea how you'd do it. You could try examining the (known) Blades of Exile legacy save file format (which should be pretty similar) to try and figure out where that would be in the Exile 3 format, then use trial and error to work out the exact location from that approximation. I don't think you can confer a permanent flying effect, though, particularly since it automatically expires whenever you enter a town.

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You could attain permanent flying effect with a program like quick memory editor (that is how I did it). You could enter the amount of available flying steps after using Orb of Thralni or after using Flight spell and enter that number in the editor (I think it was something like 4 or 5 steps after using Orb of Thralni). While flying around, you can refresh how many steps you have left in the editor, until you get one memory address left. Then you lock that memory address with 2 or more flying steps, which will not decrease as you move. With this method you can visit areas above the Black Fortress, that you normally could not reach.


Similar, you could use the editor to teleport you to any coordinates that you can not normally enter (like Erika's or dragon's empty treasure room, slime monster treasure room with free coins, castle hidden rooms, etc.). You use Location spell for that cheat, and play with x or y coordinates in the editor.

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