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[A1] I think my install is damaged. I can't close doors.

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Hello. It's been about a decade since I played Avernum (The first release set) and I decided to play it up again and bought the new release.


I can't seem to close doors. I'm not sure if my game is glitched, but from the way I remember playing, closing doors mattered for things like sneaking. How do I fix this?

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Jeff, when he started making iPad versions found that those users couldn't close doors, so he made it the same for all versions.


What you need to do is get patient and sneaky. Some places if you wait long enough let the NPCs that are watching move out of line of sight so you can acquired things. Positioning becomes important like looking through doorways and windows at an angle so you only see the items.


Some players get impatient and just kill the locals, but this can cause game breaking problems blocking quests. Just because the NPC is the only one in the area doesn't mean he can't be significant. :)

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Hmm. That's a bit annoying. I used to use closing doors as an alternative to fighting when i need to collect things for quests.


I'm rather disappointed by this. It almost feels like a downgrade, especially since I'm playing on a computer and not a tablet. ;_; Is there a mod that changes just this?

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