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Mouse movement issues (Did I apply Microsoft ACT correctly)

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Mouse movement issues (Did I apply Microsoft ACT correctly)?

To my understanding I followed these steps

Launch the 32-bit version, create a new custom database, then a new application fix. Navigate to the affected game executable, select it, and then, on the second page of fixes, look for "ForceDirectDrawEmulation."
To make sure the fix stays, right-click the database and select "Install" which will apply the fixes when you launch the game outside the Compatibility Administrator.




I downloaded the ACT 5.6 ApplicationCompatibilityToolkitSetup.exe

  • Installed it
  • Ran the Compatibility Admin 32-bit
  • Underneath Custom Database there was a New Database
  • I right clicked it; create new > application fix
  • the Create new Application fix, box pops up
  • filled in the name of the program to be fixed "Geneforge 1"
  • filled in the name of the vendor for this program "Spiderweb Games"
  • I clicked on browse & went to the steam game folder
  • selected Geneforge.exe
  • clicked next
  • Now the Compatibility modes appears
  • I DID NOT select "Run this program in compatibility mode"
  • I instead clicked NEXT to go to the 2nd page
  • scrolled down to find ForceDirectDrawEmulation
  • put a checkmark next to ForceDirectDrawEmulation
  • clicked next
  • clicked finish
  • the menu closed
  • Now, clicked on the Database & click the SAVE icon
  • Database Name box appeared
  • I named it "Mouse Fix - Geneforge 1"
  • clicked Ok
  • a NEW save box appears & is pointing to the Steam Geneforge 1 folder
  • I named that file "Geneforge 1 2017-11-24" and it saved as a .sdb
  •  then I Right Clicked on the DataBase & clicked Installed
  • a new window pops up "The Database 'Mouse Fix - Geneforge 1' was successfully installed
  • Load Geneforge 1 using steam
  • game loads
  • mouse cursor is still messed up & did not change at all (ie it moves very awkward & sluggish)



What did I do wrong?

Did I perform the install & "fix" correctly?


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