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In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


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History, from when I asked that very question.


A rich family can help one be able to afford education, but it's on the student to perform the work. That's up to intelligence and, as the reputation of grad school has it, endurance.


—Alorael, who doesn't know what to make of the comma.

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I studied US history. It's not the most fashionable of topics in the historical profession, but it's what interested me.

In my case, well, if I have any rich family members, then they are utterly unknown to me.  However, I got a pretty good score on the GRE that apparently was key to convincing two universities (one for my MA, and another for my PHD) to give me generous sums of money to come study there.


And yes, a LOT of reading. I actually became a much better reader, I believe, thanks to grad school.

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3 hours ago, Bender89 said:

May I ask if US history includes native american history or post European contact/invasion?

As a general point about the field, U.S. History courses usually are supposed to cover at least some Native American history, although often most of it is post-contact. (AP US History, a common advanced high school class, starts its history at 1491.)

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9 hours ago, Triumph said:

History relies heavily on the written word. It's not that no one cares about the Americas before 1492, it's just much, much easier to speak with some degree of confidence once you get to an era with more written records to analyze.

That's true, but only within limits. For the pre-contact era, there's still evidence from archeology, art, epigraphy, genetics, linguistics, and so on. It's not the same as having, say, photographs (as we do for the Civil War), but people do research on eras with minimal traditional written records all the time.


But yeah, we know a lot more about the post-contact era than the pre-contact era.

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