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Request to use Blades of Exile graphics

Unbound Servile

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Hello Spiderweb,


I am an aspiring programmer who would like to make his own game.

I have mastered numerous languages and coding is no issue for me.

One problem: I'm no Picasso; even pixel-art graphics are beyond me.

However, the user-made graphics for BoE found on truesite4blades/PixleProfusion would be perfect for the little engine I have written.


Am I allowed to use those graphics in anything but BoE at all?

If so, am I allowed to sell a program making use of those graphics (with or without disclaimers)?


Thanks for your time,


Unbound Servile.

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If you download the development version of OBoE, labeled as experimental in the forum header, all included graphics are available under GNU GPL 3.0+, You can use them in accordance with that license. If it's a user-made graphic not included with that program, it is likely not available under a free license and may even be infringing on somebody's copyrights or trademarks itself.

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On 11/14/2017 at 2:29 AM, Unbound Servile said:

Thanks for shedding some light onto this. E-mailing every artist will not be a realistic job but I've looked up on that GPU GPL license, and it seems I'm indeed free to use and distribute OBOE. I've also gotten better at pixel-art and could soon be able to make my own graphics.

Hey, Could your "engine" be of any interest of a game? Like to test out?

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I could post it on Github, but I am not sure it will be of interest, as you state it. Lately, I've stepped down from the concept of a game engine or any framework in favor for classes tuned exactly to my game's needs. I'm making a space shooter at the moment, so animations, for example, are fine-tuned to be applied to moving projectiles. Since characters will move around in space, their movement functions rely heavily on trigonometry, something an Exile-like game doesn't require. I could put all classes back into a framework (because that's basically what a "game engine" is) but whether you will find it of interest depends on what your expecations are. If you expect fancy renderers and full-fledged bounding algorithms you will be disappointed but if you'd like to use it as an example for your own games or experimentations or even use as a framework for your own game, you may like it. I have made a couple of small games in order to test out functions for my bigger projects. One of those smaller games is a space invaders clone in which the basics of game programming are presented. For game programming I use mainly Java as language (i've done some game programming in C++, Javascript and Python too, but I find Java best suited for small games). As a little footnote, all game elements (such as animations, moving characters, ...) are updated from a signle game-loop, with minimal threading, however, implementing threaded animations won't be difficult, since I use an OOP programming style. I would actually advise to whip up a program design specifically tuned to your game in question instead of using an engine, if it isn't a powerful, well equipped one. That's also the reason why I came here, to ask for graphics, because mine was perfectly suited for Exile-like graphics, but the game I'm making now requires radically diffrent classes, and I'm not for a chain of abstractions and interfaces to make it work. None the less, I'll be happy to share anything.

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