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Unable to Register Avernum 2: Crystal Souls

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I bought Avernum 2: Crystal Souls when it came out and have since gotten a new computer. 


I downloaded the latest Mac version from Spiderweb to start a replay in anticipation of the next game (so excited!). But there's no place to input a registration code. 


How do I unlock the full game?  

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The easiest way is to transfer the preference file from your old computer to the new one. In Mac computers there is a folder of preference files in the Library folder of the hard disk.


The registration system changed for the newer games.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It's highly over rated. :)

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Hello nepenthe88,


Crystal Souls behaves in a slightly different way to earlier Spiderweb games, as Randomizer says. The version available on the website is only a demo version, and the full version is an entirely separate file. This means that the demo version can't be unlocked using a registration code; instead, you'll need to download a new, complete version.


If you bought the game from Spiderweb's website, you should have been sent an email that contains a download link for the full game. For me, this came from Humble Bundle rather than Spiderweb (since Jeff is using their technology for ordering). The best bet might be to have a look for that email, since the download link should still work.


If you don't have the email anymore, I suggest contacting Spiderweb's support. They're very good with issues like this, and very understanding. If you send them your name and the email address you bought the game with, they should be able to confirm your transaction and send you a link themselves. Here's their address:



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