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Avadon 3 Warborn DirectX crashing

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Avadon 3 DirectX version running on Windows 10 crashing when attempting to enter the ogre fort through the caves. Also crashes when trying to follow Scout to back way into The Arena. I've run dxdiag and it reports no errors. Driver is latest available. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Update. Thinking I might get past the current problem point I loaded the regular game. The crash is the same. In combat with the Titans while being lead to the secret entrance to The Arena.  Same result. Basically I'm stuck until I can resolve this. That sucks.

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Hello DonB,


This is a strange problem, and I don't recall hearing about anything like this happening to anyone before. This isn't particularly novel advice, I'm afraid, but probably the best thing you could do would be to email Spiderweb and see what they say. Their support line is really very good, and they should be able to help you. No-one knows more about the inner workings of these games than Jeff does! You can email Spiderweb support here:




It's odd that the crash occurs in both versions of the game. The only idea I have on my end is this: if possible, try using the regular game and, before starting the sequence where you follow the scout, leave the zone and return. It's possible that some troublesome information is being stored in your save file. Given how Spiderweb games tend to work, this might be removed by forcing the area to reload, and that can be done by leaving and returning.

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