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So I wiped out Valoriums Civilization =-D (War Thread)

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So to make a long story short I listened deep within my heart and heard the voice of my Party - they were enthralled to see the Monster Plagues in Avernum III - The four of them are Nephil/Slithzerikai Heritage and remember well the various Genocides committed against their kind by the Empire - particularly fresh is the Invasion of Avernum and the Great Massacres - including the Mass Grave full of Slith Children - So I say again my Party rejoiced at the Plagues and began to train - to become Elite Warriors capable of slaying vast numbers of the enemy without assistance.  

Your Mission was to Explore and Assist the Surface Worlders - Instead we have Declared War - I have gone town to town using Divine Strength Buff - Every single city on the Surface World - including Gail at Day 1200 - were breached and their populations destroyed.  It is Masterful with regards to Jeff that the town decay is so much more significantly complete if the Guards have been wiped out.

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I actually made it to day 1600 before my computer died and took that game to The Grave - there was a Troglo Prison being run in Sharimik and everything was in absolute ruins - I'd destroy walls and magical barricades for fun - Role Playing that the Refugees hiding from you will need to bring them back online once you leave the City - would also loot and buy nice things like plants from the surface - then started buying things like bricks and assaulting the Empire Army over 200 times XD  Every day for months I logged in and massacred at least 250 Empire Soldiers - 

Just started a new game and buffed my Characters using the Editor and have already wiped out the surface in 30 Days - 

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