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Hello there everyone.

I recently remembered this old, uh, gem - Homeland: The Stone of Night! I know its fame, but I just need to see it again, you know, after these 17 years.

I've found the installer and it works, but I couldn't find the latest patch, 1.0.3z. Does anyone have it?

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Hello Yanson,


I had a quick trawl, and I think the update you want has been preserved on the Internet Archive. You can download it here:




Spiderweb’s pages hosting the games have actually been preserved in quite some detail, too! Have a look here if you want to indulge in some nostalgia:



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Thank you, Ess-Eschas! This is it!

I searched a bit around the old forums, but the links were obviously dead. I didn't have as much luck as you traversing the archives either.

Ah, simpler times, Avernum 3 in the making... wait, that sounds familiar. Which year is it? :D

Thanks again!

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