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[GF4-5] NPC non-Drakon Lifecrafters [Spoilers]

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Academically, I was trying to think of non-Drakon Lifecrafters in GF4-5. Perhaps make a list. Some like Jared are clearly Lifecrafters. Others... I am not sure if they count.


The clear ones:

- Jared (GF4)

- Greta (GF4-5)

- Shaila (GF4)

- Burkes (GF4)


And the perhaps-they-count ones:

- Sage Olipha (GF5). Not a Shaper, not geneforged, studies on how to Shape creations, has canisters. I would call him more of a unaligned shaper-wannabe than a Lifecrafter personally.

- Footracer (GF5). A Servile with a control tool that allows her to Shape. Supposedly fights for the Rebellion although she and her bunch are more like bandits connected with the Drakons through mutual dislike of the Shapers than actually allied with the Rebellion. Not sure if she counts because the control tool allows her to Shape.

- Litalia (GF4-5). Well, she was a Shaper and Shaper-trained, but has gone canister-junky. I think she counts as a lifecrafter.

- Bennhold (GF5). He doesn't Shape in combat but he has a ton of creations in his lair that don't hurt him so... perhaps he is a Lifecrafter after all? Personally I would put him in the same category as Olipha even if he could Shape.

- Talis-Eye (GF5) (perhaps I have the name wrong). Non Drakon but not human either. Still, it can Shape and is\was a rebel. 

- The Rogue Mind in Control Core B (GF5). Well, it can Shape and it is against the Shapers... I would count it as a traitor Shaper though and not a Lifecrafter. 

- Monarch (GF4). Shaper trained because of his age but against the Shapers (and the Rebellion). Still, he makes the "perhaps he counts" list.


I probably forget some. Anyone willing to help?



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You've got all the ones I can think of.

Note that just like Litalia, Greta was also Shaper-trained, even if she bailed on them before becoming a full Shaper.


I don't know if they count, but there's your whole party of prospective, soon-to-be lifecrafters that gets massacred at the start of G4. They haven't used the Geneforge yet, though, so maybe they don't count.


If you're going to put Bennhold on the list, then I suppose you could also put a question mark beside Monarch's name, since it's possible he was a rogue lifecrafter.


Really, though, Shaila and Jared seems to be the only "true" examples of definite rebel-forged lifecrafters that I can recall.

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