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Need help with servile in GF4, chapter 2

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Hey everyone,


I recently decided to start clearing my Steam backlog and I'm currently on Geneforge 4. I played as an Agent for the first three games, and decided to mix it up and play as a Servile this time around. I was having a great time up until the middle part of Chapter 2, where the groups of rogues are getting way too big and my Daze is only affecting a few of them. I took a screenshot of my character with all of his stat boosting items taken off (I've got the lucky charm in my inventory, and also have the thahdskin tunic, nimble sandals, and the +2 endurance belt):




I think the obvious thing is that my mental magic needs to be better, but did I put too many skill points into the melee skills and not enough into strength, endurance, etc? Please let me know what you think.

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Your build looks okay. The strategy central thread is a place where we've collected a lot of info people have written about this game, and it includes links to a couple threads discussing servile builds at great length, as well as other discussions of game mechanics that you might find helpful. It's been a while since I played G4 so I don't quite recall exactly where you might be stuck, but in general, when you're stuck in a Geneforge game, it's a good idea to look around for other paths (sometimes an alternative path within a zone, sometimes proceeding to the goal through an entirely different zone). Jeff was really good about providing both combat and stealth / leadership / mechanics means to accomplish nearly any mission.

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You can go Mental Magic as a Servile, but it will never work out as well as for an Agent/Infiltrator.  Instead, you want to be a tank.


The one thing that jumps out from your screen shot is the low armor rating.  Not for nothing are serviles called Turtle Mages in some of those strategy central threads.  It's worth the extra weight (and investment in Strength, if needed) to equip heavier armor, especially chest armor.  That, plus perhaps some extra Endurance and further investment in Parry, is your friend.


Also, keep in mind that regular armor items also protect against magic, fire, and ice attacks, at half the rate of their regular armor protection -- even though they don't list the effect in the item info window.

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When you can't use mental magic effectively, you need to slowly move into the area to draw them off into melee. That area unfortunately will swarm you so you need to position yourself with the terrain and make it so most don't have line of sight on you. You may have to retreat a few times to avoid getting too many at once especially the magic attackers.

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