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Hi all,


I haven't been to the forums in years. Still a giant fan, just not much time. 


I recently backed a Kickstarter campaign for a PnP RPG called Pugmire. It's an RPG where the players take on the role of evolved dogs in a post apocalyptic/fantasy world where man has become "extinct". Very cool game. 


So so why do we care?  I just received the book and the author has a small section up front where he lists the authors and works that inspired him to create the game. On his list is the Geneforge series and Mr. Vogel. 


It was cool to see... for a fan of both Tabletop RPGs and the Spiderweb games. 


Happy gaming,



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Welcome. This is the Geneforge forum, another series of the Spiderweb games. If you don't like the older-fashioned games, I would suggest, in fact strongly recommend as awesome, GF4-5. They're "new enough" for me.

Although I have to say that even though the older games in the series are clunky, the story is very entertaining.

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