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Blades of Avernum unregistered? (GOG version)

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So I recently bought the Avernum saga on GOG, and while 1 and 3 took a little while to apply the correct Wine version (since GOG's were inaccurate), 2, 4, 5 and 6 worked just fine from the beginning. However, Blades has a very... unusual issue. While it boots up just fine, it's apparently an unregistered copy, effectively making it no better than the demo. I reinstalled it, didn't fix it: though I did notice that the "Welcome!" message didn't pop up again, making me think this might be fixable by removing the save data (if it's not stored in the game itself). Either way, I'd appreciate any input on how this could be fixed. Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Also, I'm on a Mac. That probably also affects some things.

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Forgot to mention which platform I'm playing on.
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1 hour ago, Lilith said:

GOG sometimes modifies their versions of games to run better on modern computers, so you might end up having to contact GOG's own support for this one.

Alright, I sent them a report. Hopefully they can find a workaround.

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