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The Grand Spiderweb Poll, 2017 Edition: Demographics & Favorites

Dry Peak, Soggy Bottom

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OK in defense of US centrism. On terms of sexual orientation and gender identity(except the examples pointed out by dikiyoba) most (semi-) modern cultures do have a considerable lack of non slur definitions around on the national language if its not English. And "gay" is pretty much recognisable everywhere even though its English. To say basically that be it us centric or not. In its format it would be accessible to all. (I suppose non binary would be very hard to grasp in gendered languages, but still). 

And like let's remember the current amount of pollers is on the 40s having an option for everyone would make its very hard to make any kind of conclusion as slarty had said. If this forum had at least hundreds polling I suppose it would be less pointless to give more options. And on the political definitions I was also really taken by surprise by them but they came with a definition next so even if you didn't agree with the definition its easy to see what to choose. And I remember it was 4 options on political and 4 options on economical so it did give space for many stances. 


On another note, not to sound like a hude prick. But...

I can understand why equal marriage is important. But the united states has that and there are still trans women dying almost monthly there that I hear of. The real stats would probably be more tragic. And not to mention *insert many ways of hommophobia(umbrella)* still going on affecting a considerable amount of people. Last time I checked conversion therapy wasn't outlawed nationwide there. 

So, I'm relatively disappointed of all the issues with inequality that was what held the most attention.


But also if I remember correctly which I probably don't but I think civil unions and marriages are taxed differently in some countries(Brazil is the one I read on) so having different names for the same thing would give space to create tangible differences. So while I can try to understand religious reasons not to call it such. In practical terms itwould make the alternative word really  easily targetable for discrimination. 



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The 2017 poll is now closed.


There were a total of 59 responses.  (In 2012, there were 60 responses.)


Analysis is underway, but as an appetizer, here is the contents of the last field, in random order (with redactions for references to other answers, personal information, and personal messages):


In conclusion...


In conclusion, Hai ^-^
In conclusion, No one warned me about the fluffy turtles when I joined.
In conclusion, Mmm.
In conclusion, I'm a forum lurker who has spent a massive amount of time to Spiderweb games since the Exile trilogy.
In conclusion, Man, it's been a while
In conclusion, i'm glad to be part of this community
In conclusion, I wonder how often anyone's stolen a mobile home that they were renting. I mean its not like they have licence plates or anything and they all look the same.
In conclusion, Thank you!
In conclusion, This community helped me grow into the man I am today, so I hope it burns in hell ;p
In conclusion, i love you
In conclusion, Having answered all the questions, I feel like I'm not nearly the geek I used to be. Or, I have become a different kind of geek...
In conclusion, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
In conclusion, <3 Sorry I'm distant.
In conclusion, Please bring out some more games, Jeff!
In conclusion, Fun, interesting survey.
In conclusion, My alias originated from the (redacted) Avernum (redacted) character, (redacted). I've retained that name for the last 12 years. I <3 Spiderweb :)
In conclusion, Eyyy! A poll that caters for my general need for a sense of community and validation? This is what I live for!
In conclusion, Hi, you're neat!
In conclusion, ...
In conclusion, Splunge.
In conclusion, Long time lurker in the Spiderweb community. Never actively participated. Love the game mechanics breakdowns. Modded a lot of scripts in most of the games.
In conclusion, AVERNUM 3 RUINED WORLD IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In conclusion, This retrospective was fun. Totally stoked to see what everyone else said.
In conclusion, yarr.


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2 hours ago, Triumph said:

59 responses? Excellent! I feel like the forums are a bit quieter than they were five years ago, so it's neat to see there are still people around to put up a similar response total, even if it doesn't manifest in terms of number of posts in General per day.

The number of responses is a bit higher than regular forum-goers because Slarty contacted some oldbies who haven't been around in a while to come back for the purposes of taking the survey.


Dikiyoba, for instance, doesn't normally visit SW regularly.

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I was going to put up a long post with multi quotes and different responses and be all organized and stuff, but then I remembered it was the internet, and nobody really reads anyway. So I'll put in my two cents.


1- Gender labels and questions. We really don't need them if we're trying to be honest. It only really matters to the person with whom you wish to co-habitat, and maybe not even then. The only question I can think of which would be most inclusive would be "Are you comfortable and aware of your gender?" Maybe if you wanted to get crazy, make it two questions. All the other stuff is micro-managey.


2- Slarty works his ass off to make these polls. No idea why, unless he likes the practice (or the mild abuse). If you have criticisms or suggestions, despite the time-honored tradition of ignoring one's own advice, send him a private message. So, thanks Slarty for sticking with the community even though it doesn't always give you the praises which you deserve.


4- We do need more spontaneous user content. I miss the line art.

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Slarty, my dear friend.  Thank  you for standing sentinel for me.  Much has happened this past few years.  I have been unable to update you because I had somehow got my account locked in such a way that I needed Mariann's help.  And she is a very busy person, as I am sure you know quite well.  Today we got connected and I am now able to log in as me.


In 2000 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  Up until 2014 I was able to work as a Data Base Administrator, Oracle and Universe. At that point I had lost enough cognitive function I was unable to perform my duties.  I was put on short term disability insurance for the next year while I trained my replacements.  In 2015 my wife and I moved to the San Joaquin Valley in California where my wife has family.   In addition  to my Parkinson's, my wife has severe COPD.  Bad knees, Bad hips, Bad kidneys, blood thinners ... But even so I am more able to care for her than she is for me ... except when I go OFF state in my PD.  In this state I am completely unable  to move, or  type, or talk.  It is ... was ... like being buried alive inside my own skin. 


However, I had regained enough function with  medication, that I thought I could run a small business, with help of course.  Well ... so much for ambition.   My business failed last year. 


So what do I do now with all this "spare" time on my hands?  I find ways to regain lost function, I write about it on Linked In, I am succeeding in regaining function, and I share those techniques with others, along with a heavy dose of Positive Attitude.  Oh, and I get into heated "discussions" ( more accurately knock down drag out fights) that i was discouraged from having here.  BTW, all those with whom I have tangled consider me as a friend, with my most vehement adversaries becoming my most ardent allies. 


I am still looking for someone  to take over my website, but in talking with Mariann today, she and Jeff may present it in its current incomplete state under one of their own domains.  There is so much work needed to complete E III, A V, and A VI.  But I am more focused  on PD recovery and can spare no time for games.  Even now, my hands are stiff as I type  this at little more than 5 words per minute (I used to be able to type 100 wpm).  On occasion I can get back  up to 50 wpm.  This is still the most annoying effect PD has on me ... this and the problems with my voice. 


Thank you again, my friend.  You can publish this letter to all who care to read it.  I have a special place in my heart for you and many more here.  I'll try to swing by from time to time

Signed, The Harehunter (the hare who hunts the hunters)


P.S.  I'm a mod on Linked IN !!!!





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Sorry to hear you're struggling, Harehunter, but good on you for keeping up the fight! I apologize for never putting up your site on my own website like I said I would; I never figured out how to fix the hyperlinks so they would properly direct. It's good that Jeff and Mariann are offering to host it, though.

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