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[GF3-5] Melee damage increase mod

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This very basic mod increases the melee damage done by weapons and creations for GF3-5.
The mod doesn't affect the damage done by status effects. I.e. a Rotgroth's acid will deal the same damage, while the punch itself will deal 40% more damage.

The mod is not compatible with mods that change the gfobjsmisc.txt like artifact baton mod.


To install:
GF3: Go to Geneforge3 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf3objsmisc.txt file.
GF4: Go to Geneforge4 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf4objsmisc.txt file.
GF5: Go to Geneforge5 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf5objsmisc.txt file.


I don't profess to have examined the effects on game balance increasing the melee damage would have, but this mod is for those that feel melee damage for creations and the PC could benefit from some boost.



DOWNLOAD HERE (Changed to a less obnoxious site.)



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Warning: this was created haphazardly by someone who has never played a melee-based character, and who has not thoroughly tested the changes.


(Also, according Alhoon's explanation of what he changed in the other thread, the increase is actually 33-40%, not 50%.)


I guess this is, technically, a mod.  But only technically.

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