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Please Publish this Series on IOS

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Hi Jeff,


I am a big fan of your work on Avadon and Avernum on IOS.



I would also like to play this series but seriously doubt I can play on my PC and also Alt + Tab effectively (as I also use it as a work computer).


So it would be greatly appreciated if you could publish GeneForge as well on IOS.


For that, I would gladly pay PC / premium prices.


Thanks for your consideration.



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It probably won't happen until Jeff gets around to remaking it. So that would be at least 3 years from now.


Also Jeff doesn't regularly read this forum so you are better off emailing him at support@spiderwebsoftware.com.

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Hi Randomizer.


I am still working through Avadon the Black Fortress and have then 5 other games to explore on IOS - so I don't mind waiting.


Thanks for the advice on the e-mail. I will drop him a note about the same.


Best regards,


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