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Map Completionist, yea or nay?

Map Completionism  

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  1. 1. Are you a map completionist?

    • Yes, I want to uncover everything possible
    • Yes but just on the first playthrough of said content
    • Mostly but I might not bother to come back to an area I couldn't access earlier in the game
    • I might not uncover an area that I suspect nothing worthwhile is there
    • No, not at all, just what I need to to progress.

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I was wondering how many people who play Spiderweb and similar games are map completionists.


I was thinking about this the other day, because I'm many hours into my Avadon 3 playthrough and still not finished with the game. It's taken me quite a long time to finish pretty much all the Spiderweb games. I almost obsessively uncover every piece of map I possibly can, going all the way back to my playthroughs of Exile 3 in the 90s. I could finish the games a lot quicker without doing this. And it's tempting because I want to get through the story quicker, but I feel much more satisfied when I've taken the time to uncover everything... even if I had to battle zillions of bats/rats/chittrachs/etc and even caught myself cursing in some of those Avernum caves when I discovered a trap door leading to yet another sublevel... I went and uncovered every drop. And then when I got the Orb of Thraalni, go back everywhere to make sure there's no little nib that I've missed... and so forth.


Does anyone else play these games this way?

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Geneforge needs that because Jeff likes to hide containers so they are barely visible using his isometric systems with walls and hedges hiding them.


Avernum 4 where there no light sources had lower levels with black bodies on blackish floors. Very hard to see until you hit them.

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Wait, there's another way to play?


nope especially in Avadons where some places inside areas get unlocked at certain time and in Avernums bit same except there required spells restrict access.

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I think perhaps my one small exception, a nuance I forgot to include in the poll, is rooms behind locked doors. I'll save the game, use my lockpick(s), and if there's nothing I wanted on the floor/chest/etc in that room, I'll reload, sparing myself that lockpick, and technically leaving that room unexplored.

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That is too much work for me. I tend to put more points in tool use/lock picking early to that I can open everything. I also wish that there was a better way of highlighting places that I "have" to go back to because of lock level or lack of other token.

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