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Geneforge: The Unofficial Novel

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Hi everyone, so I've decided to start a Geneforge novel. This book will cover the main plot line of the first Geneforge. I expect this to be slow going as it I'm not a fast writer, but thankfully most of my work is already cut out for me. This novel won't mimic the whole Geneforge game exactly. That would be rather boring as you could just play the game and get better enjoyment from that. No, my novel will still have the same plot line, but it will have improved descriptions, better character depth, and better dialogue (the PC will talk more). I have the first chapter written already, and I will post it here. Its rather unoriginal, as its stripped from the official manual. But I did add a few things to make it more interesting. Chapter 2 will be more descriptive and better, I promise. I'm not sure when chapter 2 will be finished, but when it is, I'll be sure to post it. I'll be posting one Chapter at a time. I hope you all enjoy the story and if you never played Geneforge before, I highly recommend you play the game first as this is novel will contain all lot of spoilers (obviously). And if you have suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them! I'd actually would love feedback on how I can become a better writer. That's the main reason I'm writing this, so I can become a better writer. So, with no further ado, let the journey begin.


Chapter One


The Shapers are the oldest, most respected, most secretive, and most powerful of the magical sects. The Shapers have the power to magically create life. They have held this secret for many centuries and, thanks to many periods of war and chaos; the origins of their powers have been forgotten.

The Shapers can make new life forms from nothing but raw materials and pure magic. They can mold this life to serve their purpose, be it light housework or major warfare. The Shapers are a research minded people. Many of them spend the bulk of their lives in musty laboratories, trying to unravel the secrets of living things. What makes something alive? What defines how a creature grows? How can they make an animal stronger, or smarter, or more obedient?

The Shapers guard the secrets of their powers very closely. To learn techniques without permission is to court a speedy death. The Shapers are feared by normal humans, and, quietly, sometimes resented.

There are three positions in the Shaper sect: Guardians, Agents, and of course Shapers themselves. Though there are Guardians, Agents and Shapers, all three are referred to as Shapers by the outside world.

The Guardians are the defenders of the Shapers. They serve as guards and escorts, and they are the first in line of defense when a war breaks out, a rebellions needs to be put down, or an experiment goes wrong. Guardians are highly skilled in melee combat and can create creatures to aid them in an assault. However, their magical skills are otherwise weak.

The Agents travel around the command of the Shapers and solve problems, usually violently. When a problem appears in a distant land, an Agent is dispatched to deal with it. They are independent creatures, sometimes depending on stealth and diplomacy, and sometimes barging in with overwhelming magical force. Their magic and weapons skills are strong, but they are not good at creating creatures. For this reasons, they rely heavily on their magical abilities.

And lastly the Shaper; though outsiders call all members of the “Shaper” sect Shapers, to Shapers, “Shapers” specifically refers to those dedicated researchers and workers who focus primarily making and altering creations. Shapers are skilled at magic and unmatched in their ability to create powerful creatures. However, they are physically frail. A Shaper relies mainly on its creations for protection.

Andras, an apprentice of the Shaper sect, who is known as a Shaper in his sect, has been accepted into the Shapers. He will be spending his life advancing their will delving into their secrets and powers. However, none of those secrets have been shared with him yet.

First, he needs to complete his apprenticeship. He needs to spend five years out in a Shaper colony on a remote island, watching their work and aiding their research. The Shapers test their potential members very heavily. The power of life is not something to be given away freely.

After a brief welcoming ceremony and last night’s celebration, Andras dons the traditional garments worn by the Shapers and boards the craft to the remote islands. The journey is two weeks long. He travels on a living craft, a specially modified drayk that carries passengers on the rough seas. During his journey Andras reflects on his life so far; how he accomplished so much in the many years of his life.

Andras was in his early thirties. He was born to a wealthy family of merchants. His mother and father had expected him to one day take over the family business, but he abandoned that aspiration in the search of knowledge. Andras didn’t study Shaper secrets of course, for that would of cause him to get quickly killed. No, he studied subjects like mathematics, physics, and even Shaper law. The Shapers soon saw his potential as a great researcher, and decided it was best he become a Shaper. So thus, his journey began.

So, after a week’s journey on the sea, Andras passes close to a small chain of islands. He consults his chart and finds that one of them is named Sucia Island. It is marked on the chart as Barred.

Shapers declared places Barred for a variety of reasons; experiments gone wrong, dangerous accidents, or valuable secrets. Whatever the reason, any outsider in a Barred place is punished with instant death. The fate of a Shaper who intrudes is less severe, but still unpleasant.

Andras stands at the edge of his craft, carefully watching Sucia Island, wondering what secrets lay there. Though he’s terribly curious about the secrets the thick woods of the island contain, he doesn’t dare consider intruding. As he watches, he fails to notice a sailing ship dead ahead of him and his craft, off the southeast coast of the island.

The drayk cries out an alarm, trying to alert Andras. This ship didn’t seem like it has friendly intentions. It was strange; the style was of a design he has never seen before. It is in poor condition, and the sails are torn and wind battered. It looks like it has just completed a long and difficult journey. Its shape is strange, and Andras is unfamiliar with the design. That is why he doesn’t recognize the weapon on its prow.

It fires a long spear at the craft. The razor-sharp bolt strikes it in the neck. It roars in anger and breaths a bolt of fire at the attacker. It strikes the sails, which sets them alight.

The battle takes only seconds, and the living craft founders, mortally wounded, dropping Andras in the water. His goods and tools sink into the depths. He attempts to swim to surface. He barely noticed that the ship which attached him, is aflame and having extreme difficulty. His whole being is consumed with the struggle to reach shore. His strength isn’t enough. He starts to sink. But, with one last effort, his living craft assists him. Bleeding from its neck, rapidly dying, it manages to lift him with its head and carrying him to a crumbling dock.

Then it dies, and sinks away. He is left alone, abandoned, on this forbidden shore. Andras was alone on Sucia Island.

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