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playing exile on windows 10


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The Exile games are 16-bit applications. They won't run natively on a 64-bit OS. The only practical way to run them on a modern computer is to use a virtual machine such as VMware or VirtualBox with an older version of Windows installed inside it. This can be a somewhat complicated process, but short of actually buying an old computer just to run Exile it's your best option.

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its possible to get dos 6.x to run on hyper-v (if has windows 10 which includes hyper-v) too (and maybe older dos too) otherwise vmware player is best option.


buying old computer would mean that needs to get old keyboard and mouse too and monitor which has vga-port and old computers can cost alot.

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it's presently 2017. both of my monitors still have a legacy vga input and my high-end mobo has a (single) ps/2 port.


even besides that, iirc win98 had usb key/mouse support, barring that i'm sure a simple driver will fix that.


even besides that, i guarantee a school or other local institution has a closet full of ancient xp boxes they'll give away, that'll probably run exile fine.


not saying buying old hardware is a good idea but it's damn misleading to call it expensive.


personally, i keep a win98 vitualbox instance set aside for older games.

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seriously when i was in school i basically got to take whatever useless old computer stuff i wanted. when there's 100 old boxes in a closet, they dont mind. my first server had an 866 mhz processor
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