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[GF5] Are these displays of sentimentality by Ghaldring?

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In the course of GF5, there are two examples of Ghaldring failing to act against someone or delaying to act, for no real apparent reason and in both cases there is the theory he does it out of sentimentality.







The first is of course, Litalia. Ghaldring prevents Drakons from acting against her. According to Saakash, a lifecrafter working on new Unbound in the lab, Ghaldring nearly attacked Saakash once she cast doubt on Litalia. And if you kill Litalia for Saakash, he says that Ghaldring will understand, but she will inform him with a message because she doesn't want to be there when Ghaldring gets the news of his former ally's death.



The second is a bit more puzzling. Tholoss, the Drakon inside some ruins. Ghaldring says that Tholoss would be useful and that he is respected. Tholoss himself though, says that according to Drakon custom, he should be dead since he challenged Ghaldring and that Ghaldring loses faces since Tholoss is alive. He doesn't know why Ghaldring doesn't kill him and theorizes it may be out of sentimentality. And yet, Ghaldring doesn't want Tholoss dead, just brought back.



So... any thoughts on those?

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Well, Ghaldring is an old Drakon, in more ways than one. Being a, let's say series 2 version created by Easss, even with all the serious self Shaping he has doubtless done, he probably wouldn't be quite as megalomaniacal as the latest generation.Also bear in mind that he's roughly 60-80 by the time G5 rolls around (the timeline is remarkably opaque between G1-G3). A few attacks of sentimentality are to be expected and allowed, especially for old war mates.

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Sure. for humans. I didn't know Drakons have still those feelings after such canister abuse. Tholoss told me that I'm OK as far as canisters go and said that he didn't want the power if it comes at cost of sanity.


I have not met this Easss, but I assume he's in GF2, the game that half the discussions in this forum lead to but I can't get into because of the clunky inventory keeps me away.

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Yes, Easss is an important figure in G2. #AlhoonneedstoplayG1&G2 :p


I completely fail to see why any of this any issue. My inclination is to say "Duh, sometimes drakons get sentimental." :D Is there some particular reason why you'd assume drakons DON'T have any sense of sentimentality? I mean, they are clearly capable of emotions, so I'm not sure why we'd be surprised to find they (sometimes?) developed emotional attachments of some form (perhaps not quite the same as humans, but something similar).


Alternatively, if you're dead set on drakons as alien beings who don't form emotional bonds like we lesser creatures, I think you could pass it all off as pragmatism. Tholoss and Litalia are deserters from the rebellion, yes, but they are still enemies of the Shapers. They are also, respectively, a drakon and very powerful shaper. Ghaldring is focused on directing all his resources to winning the war against the shapers. The whole "enemy of my enemy is my friend-ish" idea combines with the reality that it could be quite costly to hunt down and kill these two individuals. Ghaldring would be upset to hear anyone killed them because that means wasted time / effort / lives that could have been spent killing the Shapers, plus it means the dead individual could no longer be a thorn in the side of the Shapers. To be clear, I don't think this is the case, I think Ghaldring is just a little fond of Litalia and Tholoss, but if you wanted to, I think you could spin his words in this way without doing them too much violence.

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Not Drakons. Ghaldring. The guy that is considered cold reptile by most... is not that cold after all. It was a revelation.

I don't think it is pragmatism. It hurts him to have Tholoss alive. He knows he works with Astoria. He chooses to have him alive regardless.


As far as drakon emotions go, I don't think their alien-ess comes to emotions. They seem to form attachments. To like people. Akari Blaze liked Jarred as I recall. It's Ghaldring's soft side that blind-sinded me. IMO their alieness is in their laws and duel culture. Strong eats (literaly) the weak. No wonder they end up worse than the Shapers.


So I thinking "perhaps I miss something here" and asked the forum. The reason of "enemy of my enemy" doesn't fit well for Tholoss. Tholoss doesn't fight the Shapers and works with Astoria. He's not an enemy of his enemies. Not completely.

The "too much bother to kill him" doesn't fit either. Ghaldring spends a ton of resources to convince Tholoss to join again. Since Tholoss just walked there and the ghosts didn't mind him, then another Drakon, or Drayks could do it. Or Ghaldring could have sealed the case. Or just ignore him.



For Litalia, it's clear-cut sentimentality unless Shakass made a very grave miscalculation. She expects to be rewarded for killing Litalia after Ghaldring gets over her death. Although Litalia is an enemy of the Shapers. She hits them very, very hard... until she makes a 180 and has Ghaldring killed. She doesn't join the fight either against Ghaldring.

She has no problem to have a dozen creations in a Trakovite lair, but doesn't show her face to take down Ghaldring. Well, it's not like the Shapers would embrace her if she did...

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As for Ghaldring's age: I don't think he's that old.

Ghaldring turned Litalia to the Rebellion. And since Litalia in GF5 seems to be in her 50s, it means that she probably was in her 30s or older when she blasted out most Drakons and Drayks out of existence between GF2 and GF3. So with GF3-5 being a span ~10 years according to text I would say 10 years at most between GF2 and GF3. Probably less since neither Litalia nor Ghaldring seem the patient types.

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