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GF5: Avoiding Slay Ghaldring tedium

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So I am trying to do all five factions in Geneforge 5, and it looks like many of them end with the same really long battle with Ghaldring at the end, right before you get to find out how it all wraps up. I don't want to spend hours redoing the same long fight just to see the endings. Is there any way, probably via cheat codes, to speed that up?

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With cheats, everything's possible. If you are willing to use a bit of script in the files, it's also very easy. You could script the game to kill Ghaldring within a few seconds of stepping into the room.


Oh that does indeed sound cheaty. Well what I wound up doing was to run strings on the binary and found all the end-game text. :-D


It's a shame that four of the five endings had the same extended gameplay scene.

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