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I've got loads of herbs, including graymold, but never used them as can be seen below:




Only had to use 3 pieces of graymold to make a salve once. Are there any uses for these except for potions? I never really use potions so they've just been stacking up in my inventory.


And is there any use for "fine steel"? Also got loads of but never found use for it yet.



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Herbs are ingredients for potions and the best uses are for energy elixirs for long dungeon hauls and knowledge brews to gain experience. On the hardest difficulties they are useful.


Fine steel is used for crafting certain items by smiths in different places. Like fine leather and a few other items it can be used for certain named armors and weapons that you can't get any other way. Not all of them are great, but there are a few that you might like.


It depends upon your playing style and difficulty level whether you need them.

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energy elixirs are better to make and after battle you can walkaround and let health and mana get restored and also magical efficiency isn't worst thing to invest for casters and bit first aid for all.

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