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GF5 Artifact Baton Mod!

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Hello Geneforge fans! It is with great pleasure that I present to everyone my first mod for GF5.


This mod implements new items into the game, namely, Artifact Batons. These highly modified thorn batons are designed around the idea of implementing artifact weapons into the game alongside the artifact armors that players can get over the course of the game. These batons function like regular batons, but with a few cool twists:

- No reloading needed. These batons come with infinite ammo, meaning that players won't have to worry about running out of thorns mid-battle.

- Powerful custom attacks. Each of the higher level batons have their own unique attacks, which can be easily modified in the scripts. One baton for example is capable of inflicting the Searing Lightning status effect on enemies.

- Stat buffs. Much like artifacts, these batons increase your stats, depending on which baton you choose to craft.


In order to make these batons, you need to gather the materials you need to make these batons, which you then have to visit the smithy in Mera in order to get these made for you. You will have to do a little bit of work to obtain these rare batons, but you will find that the reward is worth the effort.


The mod is here (Version 1.1):



To install this mod: All you have to do is simply replace the appropriate script files with the files found in the zipped folder. Don't forget to backup your original scripts.


Why did I make this mod? Well, first, I was having fun modifying the scripts, and I had the idea of adding artifact weapons into the game, especially considering that no game in the entire Geneforge series to my knowledge has any artifact weapons, only artifact armors. This is sorta to show how it can be implemented. Second, I wanted to release a mod that would help players that struggle to use combat oriented classes like Warriors, Guardians, and Shock Troopers. Weapons don't really scale as well as magic or creations in the Geneforge series, and this mod is sorta a way to fix that problem.


Feedback and bug reports are welcome. :)



- Optimized the Scripts. For modders, that means that the script takes less lines of code, which frees up space if you're one of those people adding custom items or creations to the game.

- Bugfix: Properly made it so that you can't obtain these artifact batons unless you have the money to pay for them (previously, you could get away with having no money, but still be able to get the batons as long as you have the materials. This is no longer the case).

- Added two new batons: Commander's Baton and Physician's Baton. The readme has the recipes and what they do exactly.

- Buffed the Ether Onyx Baton's Stun and Energy Resistance boost from +20% to +30%. Hopefully that makes the baton a little more competitive.

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First to reply!

I can confirm it works. I find the batons a tad too powerful personally and they are useful to every class, not just Baton warriors. I.e. A Shaper that never uses batons would benefit greatly from them. They are simply put, amazing. Yes, they are artifact level.

My Shaper that never put a point in missile, deals more damage with the Bastion that with his ice spell. And that's nice. :)




I would suggest removing the recipe from the readme and put it in a different file, for people that want to experiment with combinations and discover them in game and of course for people (like me) that want to include them in mods that finding the recipe for a Baton that deals as much damage as a Submission baton and curses enemies to boot is a goal and quest on itself.



EDIT: I lied. I didn't nerf everything. I bumped up Ether Onyx Baton a little; slow is in my opinion not as good as curse and this baton requires a perfected Baton. It should IMO be a more competitive option. And frankly, those resistance bonuses it gives come handy...



QUESTION: Why not give spellcraft boost to Channeler Baton instead of bonus to all three spellcasting skills? In order to open up spells?

I am hesitant to turn those bonuses to spellcraft because Guardians DO lack in magic and perhaps opening up the higher spells is OK.

Also a Servile with this Baton would be worse than an Unbound...



"BUG" found:

More probably an omission but the smith while saying he needs 100 coins, doesn't ask them or takes them from the player.

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Yeah, the Ether Onyx Baton isn't really the strongest baton out of the bunch. It's funny because I was struggling to make this baton a very strong option for players, considering the enchantment crystals used (Runed Onyx and Ethereal Bindings) are, from what I remember, seen to be pretty terrible weapon enchantments by most of the player base. Yet when I try to make a strong baton that uses aspects from those crystals... that baton is still not that great. XD Might consider increasing those resistance bonuses if I get enough feedback from people telling me that the baton isn't strong enough.


Regarding Channeler Baton: Intentional. Bonus to all three sects of magic is so that combat oriented classes (Warrior, Guardian, Shock Trooper) get some magical capabilities. Battle Magic won't be the most useful thing for them, but Blessing Magic and Mental Magic will come in handy. Also, this weapon is great for Infiltrators and Agents, since they are reliant on magic with some melee/missile attacks on the side. Serviles, obviously, will benefit greatly from the batons (Though I think they're strong enough as it is... Servile class is I think is a contender for best class in the game).


Bug: I did make a few silly mistakes here and there. The smith will take your money properly, but I didn't properly make it so that once you're short of cash, you can't purchase any of the batons. That's one of the bugs that I completely missed while making the mod. I'll be bug fixing and updating this mod every now and then whenever I notice something is wrong, or if bug reports are consistently showing a problem with the mod. That will be fixed ASAP (School has started back up, so I'm fortunate to still have time to be able to create and release mods).

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A quick note: As explained elsewhere in my mod for Guardians\Warriors I will use this beautiful mod but the character has to discover the recipe before being able to instruct someone to do it. For the recipe, for the time, I follow the "lazy" road, of adding another "page" to some of the books with the artifact or wand recipes. There is one such book in some ruins that is dedicated to crystals for example. After the recipe given there, I have added a new passage that explains the Channeler Baton and gives the recipe. Upon reading it, the character could instruct someone to build the baton.

The book about crystals and magic seems the perfect place for this multi-crystal baton.

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For the warrior mod, I changed it so that some of the Batons can be made by smith Fitz (the ex-guardian in Dera Reaches). He's the only other person I can think that works essence into blades, he's extremely skilled and of course, he's on the 2nd map so that you don't have to travel all the way up to Mera Tev.

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Bug. I was looking through the code and found that I replaced entry 94 altogether, without realizing that there was one more slot I could use. I'll send you a fixed version ASAP.


Sorry if I haven't really posted for a while, btw. Between modding some other games, playing some other games, rl stuff going on, among other things, Geneforge modding has slipped my mind.


EDIT: For the record, the Frozen Blade doesn't drain HP, I think. Its attack inflicts the curse effect on enemies, I believe.

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