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Let's Play Blades of Avernum!


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Okay, I've finally gotten around to looking into the list of scenarios I'll be doing, as I do them. I had to remove a few items from the list I was given earlier, and added a few that I'm doing. For the most part, I'll be doing the "do this in order" scenarios first, then do the scenarios in level order, then scenarios with no level restriction, and then prefab scenarios.


However, there are some scenarios that I don't know the level for. If anyone could provide me with info on what the levels for the scenarios listed in the spoiler are, that would be greatly appreciated.



??? - Turn That Frown Upside-Down (Duck)

??? - Turn That Frown Upside-Down 2 (Duck)

??? - The Battle for Gale (Cpt Charles)

??? - Blades Invaders (Dintiradan)

??? - Blades of Rogue (Niemand)

??? - Darkness (Ephesos)

??? - Death at Chapman's (Erik Westra)

??? - Foul Hordes (Sam Harada)

??? - A Large Rebellion (Otto Holmèn)

??? - Nephilim Mystery (Seletine)

??? - Phew for a minute (Nikki)

??? - Playground for the Pyromaniac (Cpt Charles)

??? - Proving Grounds (Michael Slack)

??? - The Ritual of Registration (Nemesis)

??? - River and Leaf (Akhronath, ported to BoA by Ishad Nha)

??? - Shipwrecked (Seletine)

??? - To Hell in a Handbasket (Nemesis)

??? - The Triple Valley (Iffy)

??? - Waterweb (Handyman)


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Oh no. I think I made a mistake.


You should play Three Twenty-Three. That's my Warrior's Grove scenario.


You should skip Phew For a Minute, because that's the one which is just Radiohead lyrics.




This is the problem when literally all of your work can be finished within an hour.

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Proving Grounds was designed to play with any level of party. It was my second effort, so the balancing is iffy, but was finished with a level 1 party and was harder (my opinion) with a level 30 party. Generates monsters on the fly after each level is cleared.


i see triple valley on this list, make sure not to skip muffins'n'hell if you haven't done it yet.

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truly a masterpiece
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i see triple valley on this list, make sure not to skip muffins'n'hell if you haven't done it yet.

Oh don't worry, it's on there. It's just not on the list I just made as THAT list is only ones that didn't have a level listed with them. I already know what custom scenarios I'll be starting with.


As for the next episode... has anyone seen Ripley anywhere?



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Blades Invaders is a hastily made port(ish) of Space Invaders I made, mostly to test out a pathfinding trick. There's no plot or anything; invaders (reskinned goblins) keep spawning on one side of the map and you lose if one reaches the other side. I believe I tested with a melee singleton strong enough to kill goblins with one blow, but whatever works.

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I finally watched an episode because you got to something that I made. Man, the last time I released an update to the HLPM was almost ten years ago (and the last time I did something significant to it was a couple years before that). This is a blast from the past.


A few idle thoughts:


1) I stopped updating the Library after a while, so it's missing a ton of later scenarios. But it has early scenarios, up through roughly 2007.


2) Apparently I tinkered with Machrone's dialogue after I last uploaded a version of the HLPM, because the version I have sitting on my computer has a bit more to it than what you saw. Interesting. (And yes, you did see Machrone before. He appears in Buzzard in A Small Rebellion and in Seleucia in Diplomacy With the Dead. You will see him again in nearly all of my scenarios.)


3) Lol at the "easy" combat in the Arena. It's easy in the sense that the monsters are a good deal below your level, although by the time you're level 36, they're still relatively high-level creatures. (Level 30, I believe.)

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Alright, we've finished the included scenarios, we're checked the utilities, and now we're going to start on the player-made scenarios. And we're starting with Bahssikava, created by Kelandon. I do hope you don't hate how I play it or such, and enjoy my playthrough.




EDIT: Bahssikava, Part 1

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