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Genegorge 4: Unable to save game


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Deciding I didn't like my character I purged my save files (& Recycle bin) & restarted. Now I cannot Save, Quicksave or Autosave. When trying to do so I receive the message "Geneforge 4.exe has stopped working.


I've reinstalled steam & even installed demo all to no avail. All my other Geneforge games are OK


I don't use Cloud


I'm using a Dell Latitude E6410 & Win 7 Prof

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Hello BetinaMod,


I think what's happening here is that Avernum 5 is trying to find the save files you removed, and is giving you an error because it can't access them. Basically, the game will expect to see some save files, and is getting confused because they aren't there.


From what you've said, it sounds like you still have your old save files. If you do, the best way to deal with this would probably be to make a copy of those files and then put the originals back in the place you originally found them. For me, this in a folder named 'Avernum 5 Saved Games' in the 'Documents' folder, but this may be different if you're using Windows (the little 'Tech Support' document in the Avernum 5 folder will tell you where this folder is for you if you're having problems). Avernum 5 should then be able to see those files, and the game should be able to save again as normal. You could then save over your old files with saves from your new team, confident that you have a copy of those saves somewhere else on your computer.


If you don't have the files any more, you can still fix the problem. Find the file named 'Avernum 5 Prefs' and delete it (although I'd make a copy of it beforehand and store that copy elsewhere, just to be safe). This is the file that stores information about how the game runs on your computer. The next time you start Avernum 5, it will be as if you were starting the game again for the first time. The game will create new saved files for you from scratch, and you'll be up and running again!

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