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I'm just curious if there are any plans to update Blades of Avernum to UB?


It just tried it out on my new intel iMac and it runs very slowly. Painfully slowly, even with sounds and background noises disabled.


Oh yeah, and Avernum 4 wont even launch, and when I tried to download the demo as a test, my computer told me it was an OS 9 app. (I don't care particularly, just thought I'd let you know)

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That could be because there really aren't any good emulators for OS X. Actually, as best I can tell, emulation stops being really functional when it's working on things from the last decade, roughly.


—Alorael, who had to do some fiddling to get Carbonized applications to run natively in OS X when he switched over from OS 9 only a year ago. Get info and see what you can change anything.

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