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Character Images for Avadon I - The Black Fortress

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After I just finished the last of the Avadon series and enjoyed it greatly, I went back to the first game. I don´t know, the mullet blademaster guy bothered me immensely, and I went hunting for nicer images.


I found a cute little program for designing avatars, and went to work. These surely aren´t everybody´s cup of tea, but I liked them enough and thought I share them.


It changes the character images on the „Start a new game“ screen, as well as the images in the roster. It does not change the pics in the „Get“-menu, where you see the whole character and swap out equipment.


The first four images are for the class you chose, the last four are for your companions.


How to implement the new file into your game:




Go to your „Avadon - The Black Fortress“ folder, open the folder „Avadon Files“, open the „Graphics Core“ folder and search for an image called „G137.png“.


Make a copy of it and store it away safely, in case you don´t like the changes and want the original back.


Download the first image below and rename it to "G137.png".


Put the image „G137.png“ in the „Graphics Core“ folder, start the game, and voilá, new faces!



I am so sorry, never use Windows and have no idea, but it should be really similar, and someone else might know the exact path.


Get the image here:




And in case you accidentally delete the original character sheet, here it is again. Just rename it to G137.png.



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