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I’ll give you the example of something I’m trying in my scenario. One of the tests involves a moving wall. I’ve discovered that If I have a series of timers that are set for 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, and 1 moves, it will always produce a wall that moves every round. Hm, looking at the numbers it appears there might be a pattern.

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Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
I don't see how fixing the bug would render them unplayable. It seems like they'd behave ever so slightly differently, but from what you've said of the bug it doesn't sound like it would render them unplayable.

A few scenarios rely on timed events happening in a very specific sequence; the bug behaves strangely, but it's not completely random, and if you trigger a specific timed event in a scenario you'll get predictable results. Changing the timing might mess up those sequences in some scenarios. I do think the bug should eventually fixed, though; we can always add a preference option to revert to legacy behaviour for scenarios that turn out to need it.
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Perhaps a solution would be to wait and accumulate several useful but potentially scenario breaking changes, then introduce a scenario versioning scheme. Old scenarios without a valid versioning number would be handled by the old 'quirks' mode, while new work would be developed to target the new standard. This would, however, come with the annoyance and code complication of accommodating such a mode switch in multiple places throughout the game program itself, and possibly the editor as well, so as not to break old scenarios when performing casual edits.

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While we're on that subject, one thing that I recall Stareye fixing which may break a few scenarios is the fact that the Raise Dead node type will affect a nonexistent character.


Usually this is only used as an Easter Egg, I believe, but I think it would actually be an interesting way to add new party members later in the game. It would mean you need a prefab party for the scenario, of course.


But yes, having different modes could be annoying to code.




I'm considering whether to add things like this to a new section in my Compiled Suggestion List. Speaking of which, it's getting rather long now. I wonder what the post length limit is?

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