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Problem with Ravilla's Invitation

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Mybe I'm missing something. I've been sent by Redbeard to get Ravilla's Invitation, which I did, and at a high cost so to speak. When receiving it, the text said there was plenty of time yet before the meeting. After a few short side quests I returned to Fort Foresight and reported to Redbeard. There was no text option to report it and he keeps giving me tips on how to find it. The Journal says to get it and report back. The Special Items list in the Journal says I have it. I'm stuck. (I've been totally loyal to Redbeard in all respects so far.)

Thanks in advance and thanks to Jeff for a great game engine!!

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When Redbeard asks for an invitation, you should get a dialogue option "Where is the second place where I might find an invitation?". After asking that, he should ask for the invitation you found.


The invitation item is called "Ravilla's Invitation", not Velusa key, and is found in a box in Ravilla's quarters.


If you're sure you still have that, I'd need to see a saved game to see what is going on. Save the game to the top left save slot. Go into the saved game folder (location is here: http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com/avadon3/techsupp.html) and send the folder Save0 to support@spiderwebsoftware.com. I can take a look and see what is going on.


I'll take a look and see what's going on!


- Jeff Vogel

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Solved the mystery.

1 The Cornered Prey Quest was guiding me to Velusa to get the invite but it did not credit me with completion.

2 Healing Powers Secrets sent me to The Temple of Velusa where I encountered Ravilla and he was ranting about the invite but I never got it initially.

3 After then seeing Redbeard, he sent me to get it. However, after not giving me credit for it when I returned, I delved deeper into the questions of the two places to get it.

4 When checking the question of where to get it, The Cornered Prey Quest was eraised from the Journal and replaced with a different quest "God of the Tawon" which also asks to get the same invitation. Why? (I asked myself.) Re-discussing it with Redbeard then gives me credit and eraises "God of the Tawon" quest and the plot moved on.

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