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Windows 10 and WinHelp files

Ishad Nha

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Microsoft is getting rid of the WinHelp format slowly but surely...

They want people to switch from WinHelp (.hlp) to Compiled HTML (.chm) format.

But they won't supply a simple conversion program to turn an hlp into a chm. So for the time being, anyone with a Windows 10 platform won't be able to use the supplied WinHelp, .hlp, help files.

If you could decompile the hlp project you could then convert it to a chm project. But they don't supply a program for that either.


With an offline help file you can add your own corrections, clarifications and updates.

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Uhhh, why would we want a docx version? We're already using HTML for the documentation, so I don't think docx is all that useful.


(You can see the latest version of the docs here. You can also view them on Sylae's site, but those may not be fully up-to-date.)

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